Despite GDPR, Programmatic Advertising Is Still Growing in Europe

Spend nears €17 billion while one U.S. outfit ends its European hibernation on Dmexco’s opening...

November 18, 2019  | 
3 Ways Data-Based Marketing Will Change Following Privacy Regulations

What this new world is likely to look like for...

November 18, 2019  | 
Inside the IAB Tech Lab’s New Consumer Privacy Proposals

Can new tech standards plus enhanced accountability save programmatic as we know it?...

November 18, 2019  | 
It’s possible to monetize data while respecting consumer privacy — here’s how

Murky policies, tricky wordings, and sneaky assumptions about consent… these are just a few of...

November 18, 2019  | 
Fact Check Series: Cookieless Meets Truthfulness

Despite slick marketing from DMP start-ups, publishers need to know the truth about first-party data...

November 18, 2019  | 
Customers Handed Over Their DNA. The Company Let the FBI Take a Look.

Millions of consumers have bought home-test kits, including 1.5 million from FamilyTreeDNA. How that data...

November 18, 2019  | 
ACCC raises concerns about loyalty programs selling consumer data

ACCC raises a raft of concerns about loyalty programs in its draft...

November 18, 2019  | 
When Apps Get Your Medical Data, Your Privacy May Go With It

Apple’s Health Records app lets people send a subset of their medical data to their...

November 18, 2019  | 

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