You are the data revolution.

Data bank for your digital identity.

Anokhi helps you to securely store, access and manage your digital profile. And, gives you options to monetize it!

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    How it works

    Step 1 : Unify

    Get a single view of all your digital activities across everyday apps and sites, like social media, shopping, and more.

    Step 2 : Assess

    Uncover the value of your digital profile and decide who you share it with, or not.

    Step 3 : Monetize

    Exchange your digital profile on your own terms: donate, or reward yourself.

    Why Anokhi?


    Single app to oversee and manage your unified digital footprint across apps


    Access your digital footprint across apps categorized by digital activity


    Platform for ultimate transparency or anonymity 


    Your data is protected from unauthorized access on secure, cloud-based infrastructure


    Monetize in a snap: Sell, donate, or convert to rewards. It’s your choice.

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